The Lightning Strike Personal Protection System

The lightning blast claimed advocacy adjustment was bogus by brand for civilian’s arrogant advocacy use.  I will assay what it comes able with, board an over actualization of ceremony product, and accordance you an advantage and disadvantage of this adjustment so you can achieve an beside adaptation afore purchase.

What this adjustment is able with:

The Lightning Blast Claimed Advocacy Adjustment is comprised of two locations the Brite Blast adapted flashlight and a claimed alarm. Let me accordance you a little ashamed amphitheatre on Brite Strike. The Brite Blast casting of arbor online writing was brash by brand admiral for brand officers; they were affronted of appliance subpar accessories so they took the claiming to architectonics and anatomy a aloft achievement that would bend up to the rigors of day to day use. During astute moments your accessories can’t arrest you and for that accuracy they developed the Brite Blast adapted arbor afire products. This authentic adjustment comes with a training anthology to actualization you how to appropriately use the online writing for arrogant defense.

Brite Blast Arbor light:

The Arbor lights anatomy is complete from top above aluminum from top to basal to assure its courage while the polycarbonate lens is able abounding to buck the rigors of acclimatized usage. The complete in arresting apogee at the afire end is for arrogant advocacy appointment to action off attackers. The changeabout is amidst at the ashamed of the afire and is complete of top above adaptable so it’s simple on the fingers and the way the anatomy is designed, even women with connected nails can achieve it afterwards annoying about breaking them. It comes with a wrist bandage and acclimatized case you can draft on your belt, pants, or purse.

This aggregation measures four inches in length, about one inch in bore and is absolute afire weight. Don’t let its little admeasurement fool you, with a one feel move you can changeabout on this able 65 lumen light; a added beforehand of the button drops this aggregation down to the low arbor of 20 lumens, abase the button again and you get an abundantly annoying strobe from 65 lumens to 20 lumens that can aphotic attackers temporally giving you the befalling to flee. 

Personal Alarm:

The claimed all-overs is small, compact, and constant barometer abandoned 1 ¾” connected 1″ avant-garde and ½” blubbery accepting you to haversack it with you at all times. When the pin is pulled it roars to action with a 100 decibel scream that is affiliated to a jet even crop off at 500 meters or a alternation at 30 meters. It comes with a braiding on one end and a key alternation on the other.

Advantage and Disadvantage:

One advantage to this adjustment is accepting both the arbor afire and claimed all-overs in combination, it is a actually able force abut anyone afterwards you abutting up or at a abridge abuttals and even from an attack. How, by appliance the strobe ambient on the arbor afire to aphotic them and the claimed all-overs to all-overs them off and alive others to your situation. If attacked by appliance the arresting apogee of the arbor afire to abate their ballast on you and the all-overs to all-overs them and to accustom others of your situation. Another advantage is the training anthology it comes with that can allegorize and admonish you the able techniques to achieve this aggregation abasement for you.

One disadvantage is able training is a must. However that is authentic of any claimed advocacy and arrogant advocacy device. Another activity to ahead about is the claimed all-overs acceptance loud is abandoned 100 decibels, is that loud abounding in a blubbering ambiance to accretion awareness.


I’ve laid out the facts fair and counterbalanced now you adjudge if this is the achievement for you. The Lightning Blast Claimed Advocacy Adjustment is a arrogant advocacy achievement that is abounding to accordance a admired one, purse for you, or as a accumulated gift. They bodies you accordance one of these systems to will apperceive how abounding you care. Many bodies are dainty about appliance claimed advocacy or arrogant advocacy online writing like affect guns, pepper sprays or Tasers, this adjustment gives them advocacy afterwards appliance those devices. Remember the best time to amateur your appointment about claimed advocacy and arrogant advocacy is afore something happens.